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Top Husband-Wife Thoughts/Quotes/Status In English

Husband Wife Status in English

People are happy to write each other’s name on their hands
I am writing you in my luck.

I do not want you to bring me coffee while I am reading the newspaper
I’d rather we both make coffee in a single kitchen.

I will always be glad that I have found a friend rather than a wife who understands me better.

My husband is not a lawyer, but he removes all my problems.

You don’t need a good friend when you have a good husband.

Understand your circumstances before you say, if you have such a partner, believe me you are in heaven,My friend

She is not a scientist, but she makes what I want in a small kitchen

She is not very educated, but She is the first to read my heart and face.

husband is a person who manages not only you, but also your life

wife is who becomes the reason for your life and stays with you till death.

Don’t live in your dreams i want to live with you.

Thousands of things can’t make me happy , except as much i see you.

If someone tells me to stay away from you, I do not approve, because you are no longer love, you have become my life

Love for the world was just a word and for me it always means you

You are equal to see, to see the whole outside

I have found your love in search of the best thing in the world.

Although God has made many things, but our relationship is the most beautiful of these.

If there is no respect in love
So that love is not there.

Luck may have overlooked me, but whenever I wanted, I got with you.

The sea is also full only when it has an edge, and I am so special that I have your support.

It is a different thing to believe and to get confidence in bodies is a special thing.

I want to make my life more beautiful, I want to sing with you all the words

Tales of the world may end on pages, I will keep you alive even beyond the clouds

I did not know what is lucky, I understood it when you met

Nothing incomplete here, neither my love nor our relationship.

It is as difficult to tell you in words as it is to write a heartbeat

God always gives me the fruit of waiting as you get me.

Happiness also came to my door, sorrow also came, but I learned to live when you came to smile.

Love is too short a word to describe your relationship with me.

I have always been positive but have been double positive ever since I met you

This pencil will never get tired of praising you and neither will this hand

Whatever is love and worship is just from you.

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