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Top Husband-Wife Thoughts/Quotes/Status In English

Husband Wife Status in English

People are happy to write each other’s name on their hands
I am writing you in my luck.

I do not want you to bring me coffee while I am reading the newspaper
I’d rather we both make coffee in a single kitchen.

I will always be glad that I have found a friend rather than a wife who understands me better.

My husband is not a lawyer, but he removes all my problems.

You don’t need a good friend when you have a good husband.

Understand your circumstances before you say, if you have such a partner, believe me you are in heaven,My friend

She is not a scientist, but she makes what I want in a small kitchen

She is not very educated, but She is the first to read my heart and face.

husband is a person who manages not only you, but also your life

wife is who becomes the reason for your life and stays with you till death.

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